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Book Reviews: For Another Flock

FOR ANOTHER FLOCK: Rainbow Meditations and Study Guide for Lent
by Jeffrey Lea
Spiral bound, 5 " x 8 ", 104 pages.
$10.95 each, $8.95 each for six or more copies.

Written out of the deep faith and learning of a practicing Roman Catholic and from a Catholic perspective, "For Another Flock" includes daily meditations for all the days of Lent and Holy Week, ending with Easter Sunday. Scripture readings are provided for every day in Lent and Holy Week, followed by a reflection from a uniquely gay and Catholic point of view, and a prayer.

Following the daily meditations is a seven-week Lenten Bible Study Guide. Jeff Lea’s introduction explores Lent as a penitential season, discussing penance and repentance. Each weekly Bible Study starts with a Gospel reading. There is a Lenten theme for each of the seven sessions. Week One is "An Ash Wednesday Ritual and Discussion of the Nature of Penance." Week Two is "The Nature of Temptation." Week Three is "the Meaning of Sin in our Lives." Week Four is "Faithfulness and Homosexuality." Week Five is "The Joy of Being Gay." Week Six is "The Meaning of Judgment." And the concluding session is "The Last Supper and the Mandatum (New Commandment)."

Seven Appendices conclude the book. "Solemnities and Feasts in Lent," "Lectionary Cycle Calendar," "The Books of the Old Testament of the Various Biblical Traditions," "Small Group Study Guidelines," an "Ash Wednesday Liturgy," a "Maundy Thursday Liturgy," and a "Bibliography."

Jeff Lea writes, "Far too many gay women and men continue to view the primary Christian scripture, the Holy Bible, as a document hostile to people whose expression of intimate love is homosexual. Nothing can be further from the truth. While the Bible does condemn the ritualistic abuse of human sexuality it does not ever express a view of same-sex love as an abomination. In fact it affirms it in the love story of Jonathan and David.

"The Bible's primary message is Love. To love God, ourselves and each other as God has loved us. The Bible is not a handbook on how to hate sin. It is a transcript of the ongoing love story between God and the people of God.

"Lent is the primary renewing and penitential season of the Church year. It is the time of personal examination and purification before we enter into the Paschal mystery on Easter Sunday. We are at the door to salvation during this time. Gay people are also at that door and we too have an experience of conversion and faith. These meditations present the point of view of a gay male Christian exploring the liminal experience of coming out gay, coming out Christian, and discovering affirmation in the Bible. The book provides both a daily meditation on the scriptural readings for Lent, and a seven-week group study that explores penance from a positive gay perspective."

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