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About the Author

Jeff Lea

Author Jeff Lea was recently employed as a social worker in Washington, DC, where he worked with young men coming out of jail and young women coming off of welfare as they sought to reeducate themselves and integrate into society. He found their experience a powerful gift and a frequent headache; and he developed a deep appreciation for the spirituality expressed by people living permanently on the margins. As a gay man, it helped him to the realization that it is on the margins where the saving work of God is made an historical reality, and that as a white man it showed him how we all have an experience of moving between the margins and the center where the material deprives us of our connection to God and each other.

Jeff is a graduate of the George Washington University where he studied European History, Classics, and Spanish Literature. He currently resides in Falls Church, Virginia, where he lives with his husband, writes, and teaches public school part-time.

Following the weekly theme is a brief Gospel Commentary, questions for discussion, and suggestions for transforming our faith into action.

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