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  An invitation to Guardian Angels everywhere 

Dear friends,

You have been an important supporter of Chi Rho Press, for which we are very grateful. Your support has helped us provide a ministry that reaches many people in many ways. Whether you are a faithful reader of the Chi Rho Connection, a frequent and loyal customer, or just a fan of the Press, thank you for being there for us so we may be there for others.

Over the years we have grown and changed, and more changes are coming for Chi Rho Press, including fantastic books in the editing process, other new products on the way, changes within the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, as well as changes in our continuous efforts to improve our ministry, such as maintaining an Internet presence and expanding our customer base. Chi Rho Press now needs your help to expand our reach and grow into a new and even more dynamic ministry.

Chi Rho Press is dedicated to providing what no one else does. Yes, other publishing houses provide quality materials about sexuality and spirituality, but no one else does it with our focus and dedication to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and seeking (LGBTS) community and their supporters.

To help meet the challenges around the corner for Chi Rho Press, we are looking for Guardian Angels - individuals, couples, or families who will become sponsors of the Press and be more involved as partners in this ministry. Our vision for Chi Rho Press is of an ecumenical, grass roots ministry serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and seeking people of faith and their friends and family. The Guardian Angel Sponsor program will enable us to grow and expand to better realize this vision.

Please take this opportunity to accept this invitation to become a Guardian Angel for Chi Rho Press.

Guardian Angels will

  • Receive a "welcome gift"' of a Stained Glass Cross as a thank you for your support.

  • Be eligible for a 7.5% discount on all purchases that you make from Chi Rho Press.

  • Be listed as a Guardian Angel Sponsor in Chi Rho Press publications, press releases, eNewsletters, and on the Web page (with your approval, of course).

  • Get a subscription to a new Newsletter just for Sponsors.

  • Receive an annual report prepared just for Sponsors.

  • Be informed about advance sales of publications from Chi Rho Press.

  • And of course, you will remain in our prayers!

    And what do we ask from our Guardian Angels in return? Only three things,

  • Please keep the ministry of Chi Rho Press in your prayers.

  • A gift of at least $150 a year to Chi Rho Press from individuals, couples, or families.

  • Keep your friends, family, co-workers, and churches informed about the resources available from Chi Rho Press, our Web page, and our eNewsletter.

    That's it. For just $150 a year, you can become a Guardian Angel Sponsor of this growing publishing house, serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and seeking community of faith. Chi Rho Press is reaching people with resources that are not available anywhere else, resources that are made especially for our LGBT community.

    We have managed to keep the costs of this special ministry very low, but we need your support to grow and to expand our outreach. Won't you help?

    This program is now in place and we have welcomed our first Guardian Angels already. Please join us!

    You can join our program right now, on-line, by returning to our sponsors page and selecting the $150 contribution amount.

    Alternatively, you may send your check for at least $150 to Chi Rho Press, ATTN: Guardian Angel Program, P.O. Box 7864, Gaithersburg, MD 20898. If you have specific questions about the Guardian Angel Program, you may write to the postal address, e-mail us at, or telephone us at 301/926-1208.

    Thank you for your support!

    Grace and peace,

    R. Adam DeBaugh